Journal Articles


13. The Right to Have Rights in the Americas: Arendt, Monture, and the Problem of the State, Arendt Studies.


12. Simone Weil’s Method: Essaying Reality through Inquiry and Action, Comparative and Continental Philosophy.  

11. The Promises of Standing Rock: Three Approaches to Human RightsHumanity: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development

10. Pragmatic Saintliness: Toward a Criticism and Celebration of Community, Contemporary Pragmatism

9. Human Rights and Caribbean Philosophy: Implications for Teaching, Journal of Human Rights Practice.

8. Precarity and Resistance: A Critique of Martha Fineman’s Vulnerability Theory, Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Co-written with Eric Aldieri. 


7. Responsibilities of the Intellectual: Dewey, Dussel, and Democracy, Inter-American Journal of Philosophy.

6. What Could Human Rights Do? A Decolonial Inquiry, Transmodernity.

5. The Politics of Positionality: The Difference between Post-, Anti-, and De-colonial MethodsCulture, Theory and Critique. Co-written with Jason Walsh.


4. The Politics of Édouard Glissant’s Right to OpacityThe CLR James Journal: The Journal of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.

3. Pragmatic Interruption: Habits, Environments, EthicsWilliam James Studies.                           


2. Globalization/Coloniality: A Decolonial Definition and DiagnosisTransmodernity.


1. A/Theologies of the Impossible: Antigone, Weil, Badiou, and the StrangeJournal for Cultural and Religious Theory.



Indigenous Human Rights Claims Outline Promising New Ways of Life, Open Global Rights.

Are Universities Bad for Democracy?, Public Seminar.


An Ethics of Refusal: Beyond “The Great Resignation”, Public Seminar.

Territory, Humanity, Opacity: Notes on Hannah Arendt’s Right to Have Rights, C4e Journal (University of Toronto’s Centre for Ethics).

Paul Gilroy’s Planetary Humanism, Political Theology Network.


How Shame Plays a Productive Role in Racial Justice, Public Seminar.


How Should We Acknowledge the Sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples?, Public Seminar.

Why Does White Fragility Never Break? The Framing of Racism in Higher Education, Public Seminar.

Field Notes on “Sentencing the Present”: Diagnosing what is false without ceding what is beautiful, Public Seminar.

Sentencing the Present: Critical conversations in a time of crisis, Public Seminar.

Theses for Theory in a Time of Crisis, Public Seminar.

Encyclopedia Articles


Simone WeilStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Co-written with A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone.

Book Chapters


The Colonial Frame: Judith Butler and Simone Weil on Force and Grief in Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology, eds. Sophie Bourgault and Julie Daigle.



Confirmation, Apricity Magazine.

Psalm 79, The Merrimack Review.


Psalm 94, Moria.



Hannah Arendt’s Right to Have Rights in the American Context, University of Toronto, Centre for Ethics.


Internationalism Under Lockdown: The Vocabulary of the Present, University of Toronto, Centre for Ethics.

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