Journal Articles

2020 “Precarity and Resistance: A Critique of the Vulnerability Approach,” Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Co-written with Eric Aldieri. Forthcoming. 

“Pragmatic Saintliness: Toward a Criticism and Celebration of Community,” Contemporary Pragmatism. Forthcoming. 

2019 “The Politics of Édouard Glissant’s Right to Opacity,” The CLR James Journal: The Journal of the Caribbean Philosophical Association. Link

“Pragmatic Interruption: Habits, Environments, Ethics,” William James Studies 15.2 (Fall), 26-50. Link. *Winner of the William James Society Young Scholar Award

2018 “Globalization/Coloniality: A Decolonial Definition and Diagnosis,” Transmodernity 8.4 (Fall), 2-20. Link.

2017 “A/Theologies of the Impossible: Antigone, Weil, Badiou, and the Strange,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 16.3 (Fall), 271-293. Link.

Encyclopedia Articles

2018 with R. Rozelle-Stone, “Simone Weil,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Link.

Book Chapters

2020 “The Colonial Frame: Judith Butler and Simone Weil on Force and Grief” in Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology, eds. Sophie Bourgault and Julie Daigle (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Chapter under contract; accepted by editors

Book Reviews

2018 “Body/Self/Other: The Phenomenology of Social Encounters,” Hypatia Reviews Online. Link

2018 “Decolonizing Dialectics,” The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy. Link.

2018 “Benjamin Schewel’s Seven Ways of Looking at Religion,” Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal. Link.

2018 “Decreation and the ethical bind: Simone Weil and the claim of the other,” Political Theology (22 Jan). Link.

Selected Poetry

2020 “Confirmation,” Apricity Magazine. Link.

2019 “Psalm 94,” Moria. Link.

Selected Essays

2020 “Theses for Theory in a Time of Crisis,” Public Seminar. Link.


2019 “A Shaming, Damning, Beautiful Moment,” Rain Taxi. Link.