David Scott, Stuart Hall’s Ethics.

Zifeng Liu, Claudia Jones and China.

Kris Sealey, Creolizing the Nation.

Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez, Édouard Glissant’s Ethics.


In early May, I hosted a workshop on humanism and human rights.

I organized the conference ‘The Ethics of Human Rights’ at the University of Toronto.


2022 Theses for Theory in a Time of Crisis, COVIDCalls.

2022 Praying by Looking: An Interview with Jordan Kisner, Rain Taxi.

2021 This Anxious Present: An Interview with Ben Ehrenreich, Rain Taxi.

2021 The Human Journey: An Interview with Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Rain Taxi.

2019 A Shaming, Damning, Beautiful Moment: An Interview with Stephen Markley, Rain Taxi.

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